Minecraft TARDIS – Vortex Manipulator Update

Hey guys, sorry this was so late in coming. I’ve been working on this for a while and just haven’t gotten around to uploading much. Once again, sorry about mic derpyness. Does anyone know why Bandicam Trial records my mic fine, but then YouTube uploads all the sound BUT my mic? NEW FEATURES: Time Vortex Manipulator – Remote teleports from anywhere in the world! (as long as there’s dirt) Regeneration – Get a chat message when you’re low on health that will allow you to regen your health! You can’t use it again too fast though… New TARDIS Model – Slimmer, sexier TARDIS for all your time-traveling needs! DOWNLOADS: TARDIS World File – http://www.connorjulian.org/files/TARDIS1.7.zip Resource Pack – http://www.connorjulian.org/files/TARDIS1.7Resources.zip

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