Minecraft – Redstone Box Update – Double Feature!

The Redstone Box v3.0 is here! This update adds a remote on/off switch and named potions. redstone-box But this is not just one Redstone Box update… It’s two! Introducing the RedstoneBox Mini! One potion, same functionality! This uses the /tellraw command to create a one-potion options screen. Unfortunately, I had to remove the remote on/off to save space. It was a terrible idea anyway. AND, for the added price of $0.00, you can get the Redstone Box Bundle, containing four blank test worlds, each pre-installed with one of the different Redstone Boxes. Original Idea and Redstone Box v1.0: AdmiralRedstone Redstone Box 3.0 and RedstoneBox Mini inspired by: ClassicPork DOWNLOADS: Redstone Box v3.0 RedstoneBox Mini Redstone Box Bundle

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