Jetpack Mod

Hey guys, here’s a little mod that I built to add jetpacks into Minecraft! The jetpacks are worn like a chestplate, and can be combined with a chestplate to allow the wearing of armor with it.

Basic Jetpack:
Basic Jetpack Crafting

This will allow you to fly around your world, even in survival!

Armor w/ Jetpack:

This one is a shapeless recipe, just combine the armor of your choice with a jetpack in any combination. You’ll get an armor piece that works just like a basic jetpack, but also provides armor value equal to that of the combined armor.

This also works in reverse, just place the combined jetpack and armor piece into any slot on the crafting grid and it will craft a jetpack. But this makes you lose the armor, right? Wrong. Upon removing the jetpack, the armor item will stay in the crafting grid where it was, but minus the jetpack.



Current version: v1.0.0 for Minecraft v1.6.4

Older Versions: None yet!


If you have a suggestion for the mod, leave it in the comments section below. I am also accepting better textures and suggestions for mods to add armor compatibility for.

Have fun!


  • Drakefires says:

    Does the jetpack need fuel?

    • tripl3dogdare says:

      No, the jetpack doesn’t need fuel. That may come in a future update, but none are planned right now as I’m working on other projects.

  • MartX says:

    It is a really good mod! i love it!
    Buut..i have a question for this…Can you make the falling damage to 0?? it’s so annoying,that i every time i want to stop flying,i’m just gonna die because of the falldamage 😀 Can you fix that?

    • tripl3dogdare says:

      Fall damage is already disabled – it’s just kinda tricky. While you’re flying you won’t take fall damage, but when you’re flying you’re either hovering or going up. Basically you just have to time it right and bounce your way down, it’s not ideal but you won’t die.

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