[Mod Release] Jetpack Mod v1.0.0 (1.6.4)

Hey guys, here’s a cool little mod I made that adds jetpacks into Minecraft! Download: http://ift.tt/1p3s2He ========================== Follow me on: Facebook: http://ift.tt/1edVfg7 Twitter: http://ift.tt/1p3s568 Google+: http://ift.tt/1p3s56a Check out the recording program I use! http://ift.tt/1bU8Gut ==========================

[Concept] Elemental Powers – Fire

Hey guys! I came up with this concept to use with the new features in 14w02c, and I think it works pretty well! This is the Fire class, so make sure to watch the other ones when they come out! Also, does anyone have any ides for Earth? I have a good idea, but I […]